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What a Midsize Demolition Contractor says about using our mobile app:

I am hardly ever in the office and therefore 99.9% of what I do is from my smart phone. With this App, I can upload all of the important information from my phone. I can easily upload the photos and videos that my crews send me. This makes it so much easier for my crews and field operations teams. Cutting edge system!
Frank R.

What a large Concrete & Steel contractor says about working with Navigator Risk:

I’ve been working with the founders of Navigator Risk for over 7 years now. At first I was skeptical that they would be able to accomplish all the things they originally outlined at our first meeting. But our experience mod was high and our safety policies needed help. We decided to trust their process. They have far outperformed all of our expectations. The Navigator Risk staff has the most complete insurance and risk expertise I have come across in my over 30 years I have been in business. They have opened my eyes to the damage you can do to your company due to lack of knowledge in the insurance field.”
Michael S.

What a large Fuel Transport Company says about working with Navigator Risk:

We’ve been in business for over 25 years and have never had our insurance world explained and strategized in the way the Navigator Risk does. Now having a risk management team to manage our risk factors, claims and coverages, we feel we have a partner helping us rather than just a broker helping us “purchase” insurance. We chose Navigator Risk because we didn’t trust that our insurance left us properly protected or priced. We knew we had faced challenges inside our business but we weren’t convinced that there was a way to solve and avoid them. What we found was that our claims were driving our insurance costs across our entire business. Now we are in position to expand and keep our costs down.
Aaron D.

What a large Home Healthcare Company says about working with Navigator Risk:

After being in business over 33 years, we found our selves with our workers comp costs significantly increasing. Navigator Risk’s Team told us we needed to proactively manage our risk and claims, and we agreed. We were confident they could help us accomplish our goals but honestly didn’t expect the ROI we received so soon. Our experience mod has decreased twice since we engaged. We are now working with them on improving other areas of our business and are much more confident in our systems and processes surrounding the managing of our risk & insurance.
Greg S.

What a large Emergency & Non-Emergency Medical Transport Company says about working with Navigator Risk:

After meeting with the founders of Navigator Risk for over 5 years ago at this point, it’s hard to imagine where we began and how we met. With over $285k in savings so far and an Experience Mod reduction of over 50 points, we could never go back to our old ways again. With the constant claims attention, overall proactive planning an forecasting, we feel like we know what is coming before it does. It’s a very empowering feeling in an otherwise formerly very unpredictable area of our business.
Steve R.

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