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We Are Your Risk Management Compass Through the Commercial Insurance World

Navigator Risk Management was founded on the idea that risk management and commercial insurance is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Based in Miami, FL we work with clients throughout the United States to work as a compass to make sure that your business is positioned to pay the lowest possible premiums on all types of commercial insurance.

Our Services

Many businesses overpay for commercial insurance without realizing it. From general and special liability to workers’ compensation and commercial auto insurance, they assume that brokers are getting them the best deal possible. What companies don’t realize is that by making changes within their organization, they can proactively reduce their risk and exposure, make themselves more attractive to insure, and end up with lower premiums. That’s what our company is about. How do we do it?

Risk Assessment

We perform a comprehensive assessment of your company and operations. By evaluating risk and exposure, we’ll show you where you can minimize incidents and claims and provide resources for employee training to keep your premiums low. As your history of claims remains low, so do your premiums as they renew.

Insurance Plans

Your company likely needs insurance that goes far beyond liability. Our risk consulting services focus on areas of your business specifically for your insurance needs. By making positive improvements, we work directly with brokers to ensure you’re paying the lowest premiums possible for all types of insurance, including workers’ comp, specialty liability, commercial auto, cyber liability, and more.


The relationship we have with our clients continues long after you settle on an insurance policy. We are here to manage any claims you have and can offer accident and cyber-attack response team help when you need it. We hold all stakeholders accountable to our clients. This includes insurance carriers, claimants, attorneys, adjusters, vendors, municipalities, and brokers.

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Benefits of Working With Navigator Risk Management

When choosing a risk management partner, experience matters. Our team has years of expertise working with companies across all industries to help minimize their risk, provide proper training tools to employees, and find the right insurance for their business needs. We offer step-by-step management of insurance claims and a convenient mobile app to report incidents and claims promptly with ease. You can have confidence working with our team and the areas we specialize in, including:

  • Claims Management-Advocacy
  • Loss Control
  • Risk Transfer
  • Alternative Risk Financing
  • Captive Insurance

Take the First Step in Reducing Your Exposure Today

Whether you’re a startup operation or you’re a multi-generational business that’s been providing services for decades, the team at Navigator Risk Management can offer services to improve your organization and save you time and money on insurance. Even if you have a clean incident record, chances are there are a few easy changes you can make within your operation that can save you even more money on insurance premiums. Interested to learn more? Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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