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Property Compass

The Navigator Risk Property Compass was developed to guide your building to the best insurance coverage. We review your policies and procedures to see where you are today. During the introductory phase, we also perform a property survey that includes drone footage and engineering reports. We build these into a single report to review with your board. After the board’s approval, we take this report to your broker/carrier to gain marketing updates to your insurance policies. We prepare a side-by-side comparison to allow you to review all of the proposed coverages, helping your business secure the best coverage possible.

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Roof Study

Our Roof Study is a critical component of our Property Compass Report. This in-depth evaluation of the building’s roof assesses its current condition, identifies any necessary repairs or replacements, and determines its overall effectiveness in protecting the building from weather-related damage.

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Full Engineering Assessment

Our Property Compass Report offers a comprehensive property insurance coverage assessment that analyzes every aspect of your building. This includes a detailed evaluation of the electrical systems, as well as the interior and exterior structural components. By conducting this thorough analysis, we can identify any potential vulnerabilities or areas that require maintenance or improvement.

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Premium Reduction

At Navigator Risk Management, we conduct a thorough engineering assessment and a detailed roof study, we identify and address potential vulnerabilities in your building. Our report highlights solutions for mitigating high-risk components, which empowers underwriters to implement applicable discounts. This proactive approach not only ensures optimal coverage but also translates to substantial savings on your insurance costs. By securing the best insurance coverage possible through our Property Compass assessment, you can achieve premium reduction and enhance your building’s overall risk profile.

Navigator Risk Management specializes in identifying and addressing potential challenges that can lead to increased insurance premiums. Our comprehensive property insurance coverage assessments empower underwriters to implement applicable discounts by leveraging highlighted solutions for mitigating high-risk components within your program, ensuring optimal coverage and cost-efficiency.

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