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Workers’ Compensation Claim Containment

If workers’ compensation claims are eating into your bottom line, the workers’ compensation claim containment services from Navigator Risk Management are just what you need to reverse the trend. Multiple instances of claims increase your experience modification factor number, adding surcharges to your premium. In addition, rushed payroll audits by insurance companies are riddled with incorrect numbers that can also drive up the cost of coverage. We work with businesses to offer the tools required to effectively lower the cost of workers’ comp insurance and limit the number of claims.

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How Does Workers’ Compensation Claim Containment Work?

Industries that are high risk have a larger number of workers’ comp claims than most other businesses. Depending on the size of your company, you may not have the finances to build your own dedicated risk management team. So how do you save money and still ensure you’re doing everything possible to minimize risk to employees and cut back on insurance charges? You can by partnering with Navigator Risk Management. We offer tools that can reduce the number of claims you’re seeing and investigate open claims to ensure a fair outcome.

Our Services Include:

  • Reducing and preventing financial losses in claims
  • Human Resources training to handle employee issues properly
  • Risk management assessment to evaluate company exposure
  • Management of your claims by our team of professional workers’ comp adjusters

Improve Your Workers’ Comp Incidents and Claims

A typical company will pay the price for workers’ compensation insurance and reactively manage claims once they are filed by employees. Savvy companies proactively evaluate their risk exposure with Navigator Risk Management to get better premiums, minimize claims, and keep their experience modification factor low. If you’re managing workers’ compensation packages through a broker, you may be paying more than you should and losing valuable revenue. Contact our team today to learn more.

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