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Complete Protection With Cyber Liability Insurance

For business owners, understanding the different types of insurance, what they cover, and what is required is overwhelming. Digital technology adds another layer of confusion with cyber liability insurance options and differentiating what it protects companies from compared to general liability. At Navigator Risk Management, we don’t sell insurance. We guide companies through the process of finding insurance that meets their needs with informative consultations and thorough explanations on topics such as cyber liability. If your business is at risk for cyber-attacks, contact us to learn how to protect your company, employees, and customers.

Virus detected warning text on a laptop screen

What Is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Computers and digital technology provide a new level of convenience and simplicity for conducting business, providing services, and storing information. However, no matter how much you invest in protecting your company from data breaches, viruses, malware, and other cyber-attacks, you’re always at risk. Cyber liability covers you in case of a data breach, financial loss, or other digital-related catastrophes that are detrimental to your company’s operation. These situations are not covered under general liability insurance.

Safeguarding Your Business With Cyber Liability Insurance Covers:
  • Data breaches
  • Stolen personal information
  • Investigation and repair of security flaws
  • Credit monitoring services for affected customers
  • Costs to notify affected parties
  • Legal fees and expenses
  • Recovery of data

Be Prepared for a Cyber Breach

Data hackers have advanced tools and knowledge of computer systems and programs and are determined to access confidential information. Navigation Risk Management works with companies to determine where they are vulnerable, make the proper adjustments to increase safety, and lower their premium to avoid overspending on cyber liability insurance while remaining protected in the event of an attack. Don’t let a cyber breach be the reason to bring your business down. Contact our team for a professional assessment today.

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